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My name is “A Young, Innovative AEC Professional”

Below are some of my demo works. Expand on each and explore.

School Project Sample 1

This is a three-week residential design project, designed for a Lekki-based Lawyer, and his fashion-designer wife.
Due to space constraints on Lagos Island, both the lawyer and his wife need to integrate their offices within the house.
The client equally demands that the character of the building reflect his persona–justice and law.
Therefore, a major aim of this design was to blend modern and classical architectural expressions, to the luxurious demands of the client, without neglecting cost implications.
Click on the title to interact with the live Revit file.

Personal Project – Sample 1

My client 1 is a rich businessman, based outside the country.
He needs an expressive edifice in his hometown to showcase his status.
He likes space: terrace for every bedroom.
He likes luxurious living too: indoor and outdoor pool.
Click on the title to interact with the live Revit model.


Personal Project Project – Sample 2

My Client 2 is a young conservative man, with budget concerns.
This is a very simple, but modern expression suiting his ideals.
It's a 3-bedroom bungalow located in his hometown.
The deign features open-flowing design, media room for the master and en-suite bedrooms.
Click on the title to interact with the live Revit file.

Concept Design – Sample 1

This is a conceptual design for a modern market using canopy and metal trusses.
This is easily achieved with the use of Massing tools in Revit.
More details on this concept can be found here: http://planta1.com/blog/modeling-a-tensile-fabric-roof-in-revit/

As a young Innovative Architect,

Below are some articles I have written, with the aim to contribute my quota to the improvement of building design and delivery process…

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Below are some of my contributing blogs

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Technological Foundations of a Smart Home

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The Smart Design

The Smart Design Coordination is, therefore, part of an Integrated Project Delivery. The design coordination is founded on a unified BIM model — known as the single source of truth *(BIM Level 3)...

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The Smart Coordination

The value chain of a Smart AEC Firm can be broken down into five subsystems/units. Planning, Design, Field Management, Inventory and Administration...

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The outcome of the entire planning procedure is a flexible document — The BIM Execution Plan. This is developed through a series of collaborative meetings, followed by work tasks in-between...

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