Leadership in Construction

This write-up breaks down the role of leadership in the construction sector. It synergizes Lean Principles with Leadership Principles - and derives inferences from great…

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The Business of Smart Home Delivery

This write-up presents the case for approaching home delivery as "Gadget Solutions"​. It outlines the methodology for a shortened, efficient delivery.

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Africa’s Housing Menace

The rapid urbanization in Africa has brought about drastic population growth - more than the cities can officially cater for. In this writeup, we explore the challenges and…

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The Smart Facility Management

Facility Management can leverage the data created during the design and delivery of buildings - via 7D BIM. This write-up explores the Smarter Approach towards Facility…

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The Smart Delivery

Prefabrication is the process of manufacturing and assembling the major building components at a remote factory, followed by transportation to the construction site, then…

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Unique Innovations to a Smart Home

In this write-up, we will discuss some very unique features that are only made possible by the foundational framework upon which smart buildings are built.

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Technological Components of a Smart Home

At the Mention of ‘Smart Home’, what comes first to the mind? ...Let's find out.

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Structural Components of a Smart Home

A major aim of this write-up is to suggest Structural Topologies with which to make technological integrations in building more efficient.

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Technological Foundations of a Smart Home

In this write-up, we would be laying out the foundations upon which Smart Building Technology is built.

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The Smart Design

The Smart Design Coordination is, therefore, part of an Integrated Project Delivery. The design coordination is founded on a unified BIM model — known as the single source of…

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