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We Help AEC Firms And Professionals Work Smarter.

The building industry in Africa - and beyond - is comparatively backward to other industries.This is mostly due to Outdated Design, Delivery and Maintenance Processes; and Insufficient Intellectual Capital...Blaze Services helps AEC Firms and Professionals create Innovative Business Processes through Intellectual Capital Growth and Cultural Shifts, to maximize the Digital Transformations in the AECO sector..

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We offer Awareness and Enlightenment on Integrated and Smart Building Technology

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We offer Training on Innovative Digital Tools and Processes

We work with AEC Firms to produce functional BIM Execution Plans, adapted to their workflows – spanning the entire project life cycle

We offer diverse Digital Solutions and Integrations for smarter workflows for AEC Firms

We offer Integrated Design Services and Consultancy for AEC Firms, hinged on BIM, GIS…

We build custom web applications for AEC Firms – leveraging their BIM Data



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