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The AECO [Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operations] Sector is long overdue for Digital Transformation. We are changing that narrative through stories and interactive online content.

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Digital Transformation is no more a luxury in the construction sector, but a necessity.

Blaze Threads is the content arm of Blaze Incorporated. On this platform, we share ideas on the latest trends in the construction industry – spanning across such topics as Digital Transformation, Smart Buildings, and Smart Cities. These contents are curated by passionate experts in the industry…

Digital Transformations

The construction sector has come a long way, dating back to the prehistoric era. Today, such innovations as Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Reality (V/M/AR), Prefabrication, Computational and Generative Design, etc. have changed the way we design and deliver buildings. That is the theme of the contents here.

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Smart Buildings

Today, a lot of innovations we find in the construction sector tend towards the design and delivery processes. How do we make buildings more responsive and human-centric leveraging technology? That is the focus of the contents here.

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Smart Cities

A lot of times, we look at buildings as standalone structures, but buildings impact our environment more than we tend to consider during their design and delivery. These buildings make up the city, and the recent environmental changes demand more conscious planning for sustainable cities. This section explores how to leverage technology to make our cities smart.

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