Our Business Model

Blaze is a customer-centric, service-driven business for the AEC Sector.

Our customers include AEC Firms, AEC Government Ministries and AEC Professionals.

We help our customers work smarter through our value-adding services.

Our services are founded on knowledge and research. 

This we manifest through our dedication to quality contents, awareness and education of our customers – and the AEC Sector at large.

Our Services

Everything we do is founded on education – aimed at improving the AEC Sector.

Therefore, we offer free resources, Industry Updates and Insights.

We even have an advisory for Smart Home Technology decisions and choices.

Take your time to navigate the site, and enrich yourself with the wealth of knowledge – which is constantly updated.

Below is the link to some of our free resources.

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BIM Software/Protocol Training

We offer diverse training and BIM workshops – spanning across all the great BIM Software and brands in the industry.

Below is our training catalog

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BIM Solutions

We study your unique workflows, then suggest and integrate the right tools.

We could leverage your design data to create custom web applications to ease your workflows.

We could also offer Integrated Design Services to firms that would rather outsource.

Below is our Service Catalog.

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Our Growth Model

We’re an innovation-driven brand.

Our quest to make the AEC Sector in Africa efficient is what drives our services.

We have many other products in the pipeline – stay tuned.

Do get in touch today and let us save you the stress.

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