The Intersection Between BIM and Smart Buildings

This article explores how Smart Buildings can leverage Building Information Modeling (BIM) through a Digital Twin Deployment

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The Smart Project Coordination

The value chain of a Smart AEC Firm can be broken down into five subsystems/units. Planning, Design, Field Management, Inventory and Administration...

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Impediments to Africa’s Economic Growth

The measures used to assess city maturity in developed economies could be incomplete or misleading when applied to Africa. This edition of our monthly digest explores the…

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Smart City Planning

Powerful forces are converging to make smart cities a growing trend all around the world. This writeup presents how to plan African cities to become Smart Cities...

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Oh My Africa

This article is an overview of our publication for 2019: Smart City Technology - with Africa as a case in point. It narrates the story of African cities: challenges,…

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Leadership in Construction

This write-up breaks down the role of leadership in the construction sector. It synergizes Lean Principles with Leadership Principles - and derives inferences from great…

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The Business of Smart Home Delivery

This write-up presents the case for approaching home delivery as "Gadget Solutions"​. It outlines the methodology for a shortened, efficient delivery.

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Africa’s Housing Menace

The rapid urbanization in Africa has brought about drastic population growth - more than the cities can officially cater for. In this writeup, we explore the challenges and…

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The Smart Facility Management

Facility Management can leverage the data created during the design and delivery of buildings - via 7D BIM. This write-up explores the Smarter Approach towards Facility…

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The Smart Project Delivery

Prefabrication is the process of manufacturing and assembling the major building components at a remote factory, followed by transportation to the construction site, then…

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