This workshop focuses on practical approaches to building structural engineering design, analysis and detailing using latest design methods of BIM processes for reinforced concrete structures of building projects.

This training is to enhance the skill of Civil/Structural Engineers, who are involved in the design of building engineering structures and services to effectively and efficiently design from conceptual/initiation stage to detailed engineering design output. In this way, they would be able to properly and competently deliver to their employers, design projects that comply with specification, standard and effective cost control.

This workshop features the application of BIM for structural analyses, result, scheduling and documentation for fast review and update with less rework for the following options with Revit:


  • Introduction To Revit And The Chosen Software Training Option


  • Working With Revit Architecture Project To Revit Structure Project Using Revit Structure Modeling Template


  • Importing CAD Drawing To Revit Structure Modeling Template


  • Creating Levels And Gridlines From Collaborating And Monitoring Tools In Revit Structure Modeling Template For Revit Link File And CAD Drawing File.


  • Creating Default Columns, Beams, Slab And Other Structural Elements On BIM Platform With GUID Identity For Framed Structure Modeling


  • Revit Structure And Structural BIM Software Option Integration For Design Criteria Specifications


  • Defining Design Parameters Of Reinforced Concrete Structures For Various Building Purposes


  • Creating Slab And Design Loading On Slabs And Specifying Types Of Slabs


  • Define Design Load On All Structural Beam Elements


  • Setting Analysis Parameters & Building Checks For Overlapping Errors


  • Building Structural Analysis For Slab Finite Elements (FEM)


  • Structural Analysis Of All Structural Elements Including Batch Mode Design Of Columns And Beams


  • Foundation And Staircase Design


  • Post Analysis Design And Design Report Checks


  • Process Of Structural Reinforcement To Revit Structure Project For Detailing Activities


  • Detailing Of Foundation Layout, Foundation Base And All Column Types Of The Building


  • Detailing Of Slabs And Beams


  • Detailing Of Staircase And Lintel Schedule


  • Creating Bar Bending Schedule And Quantity Schedule Of All Structural Reinforced Concrete Elements


  • Creating Walk Through, Stimulation And Callout Videos For Precise Structural Design Review

Training Date

1st to 3rd May 2019

Training Fee


Account Details

Blaze Homes Limited
Diamond Bank Plc

***Fee Covers Revit Structure trial software for 30days, training book manual, video sessions of the workshop, Case study, writing materials, lunch, and attendance certificate

Training Venue:

3js hotels, No 31. Mafemi street, Utako Abuja.

Contact us at:

+2348062796958, info@infraworksengineeringservices.com

+234 703 956 0577, info@blazethread.com

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