Modern buildings are increasingly relying more on technology systems for efficient operation and to offer an optimal user experience. These technology systems span across Energy Systems, Entertainment Systems, Security Systems, Communication Systems, Utility Systems, etc.

With our expertise on Smart Building Design and Delivery, we offer  Design and Integration Services for these systems – with focus on residential solutions.

Our design and integrations are founded on three concepts:


For every design and integration, we start with a thorough client discovery process. As a result, our design and delivery activities are founded on Experience Design, suited to the customer unique needs and pain points.


We approach our design and delivery from a holistic viewpoint. In the end, we offer a unified control and communication interface for the various solutions – remotely-accessible from any part of the globe.


We always offer the most simple and user-friendly solutions. Ranging from lightweight smart gadgets and wearables to AI solutions that all integrate into a common control system. We always seek out the most functional and state-of-the-art.


A primary advantage of Technology Integrations in buildings is the ability to monitor the systems. Reports and feedbacks are gotten on their performance. The metrics aid in the improvement and optimal maintenance of the systems. This is particularly applicable to comfort systems because they account for the highest power consumption in buildings.


Indoor comfort is a primary need for the end-users of any facility. We deliver informed designs to ensure optimal user comfort in buildings – especially residential facilities. A primary aim of our designs and integrations is to ensure energy consumption is minimal while delivering optimal user comfort.


“That which is seen is much more remembered than that which is heard”. Great indoor lighting design is an awesome experience.

We design an efficient/smart lighting system that complements the natural lighting. We also recommend efficient light fixtures to ensure optimal power consumption.


Modern facilities are comprised of lots of active devices and equipment, and they all loads.

It is the function of the Electric Power Management System (EPMS) to monitor and control the overall power consumption of the facility. We design and help integrate the best EPMS solutions in the market to ensure energy consumption in the facility is controlled, monitored and optimized for energy savings.


We are an entertainment-driven age. Some years back, the commonplace entertainment sources of today were a purview of the commercial space. Today, we carry our primary source of entertainment with us everywhere we go — the smartphone. We flow with the trends. Home entertainment keeps getting more immersive and affordable. From the high-fidelity audio to high-res video, to Virtual Reality and immersive gaming experience.


Entertainment applications of audio-visuals in the home include whole-house (audio and/or video) distribution, the hi-fi setup, the media room setup, etc.
We design and integrate diverse audio and video distribution solutions – with emphasis on residential/lightweight solutions.


A few years ago, to get an immersive cinematic experience, one has to visit a commercial cinema. That is no more the case today. The Dedicated Home Cinema has become the holy grail of entertainment in modern smart homes.
In the design of a home cinema, we take into account the audio, the video, the lighting, the comfort, and the aesthetic features — holistically — to achieve an exceptional experience for the end-user.


The emergence of the internet has made us all next-door neighbors. With well-designed security systems, this can be leveraged to maximize the security of modern facilities. From any part of the globe, you can have a realtime feed of the activities in your facility – as well as get notified on any intrusion. Security systems also help to control access, monitor traffic and convert these to actionable insights.


Your facility could be your companion. She knows your face. She knows your fingerprints. She’d recognize your voice instantly. She even knows when you leave and when you return. You could communicate her on your way back…She is your faithful ally and can only allow you in. She achieves this through the Access Control System.
Without your permission, no access — a fail-secure system. That is exactly what we help you achieve through a robust access control system


Because your facility is your faithful companion, she complements your eyes too.
With strategically located cameras, you’re able to have every niche in view — without necessarily being around. In the event of anything going wrong, you’re instantly notified.

We deliver detailed solutions that ensure every niche of your facility is covered.


Nothing is half as destructive to a property than a fire incidence. However, many of such incidence emanate from preventable causes. With a proper monitoring system in place, a potential source of fire incidence can be spotted at the earliest stage and averted.

Our design and integration will help to monitor, notify, fight and suppress any (potential) incidence of fire.


Communication is the grease that lubricates interpersonal relationships. Communication can come oral — within or outside the building. Communication can also come written.
Gone are the days of analog systems. Our communications systems designs and integrations are built on IP infrastructure.


Communication and information exchange within facilities is much easier through the IP Telephone System. This can also be extended beyond the facility if need be. Our designs come with functional, state-of-the-art IP Telephones.


Modern-day training facilities deploy state-of-the-art technologies to maximize communication, information distribution, and storage.
With the use of IP-enabled devices and friendly user interface, training facilities ensure optimal functionality and efficiency.
Our designs ensure communication is clear and retrievable, during and after conferences and meetings.


All the technology systems in modern facilities have databases that query each other.

Actionable information is gathered from these data for monitoring, maintenance, and preventative measures. Apart from enterprise-level management, there is the day-to-day building-level management. We design and integrate these solutions, with the ultimate aim of tying together all the technology systems in the facility.


Modern facilities are filled with technology systems. Some of the solutions come with a level of intelligence and autonomy. However, for the overall efficiency of the facility, the whole needs to be greater than the sum of its parts.
Our BMS design and integration ties the various systems in the facility to collectively achieve the end-users’ needs.


Facility Management is the ultimate advantage of having an Integrated Technology System in a building.

This is enterprise-level management.

It entails such activities as Asset Management; Procurement Management; Work Order Management; Materials and Equipment Parts Management etc.
We deploy the latest and most functional solutions in the market.

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