Welcome to Blaze Home Solutions.

Every home is a unique experience. Our job is to transform your home ideas into reality. Therefore, our customers are part of the design and delivery experience. This will typically take about six months from client discovery to handover stage – for our tiny home solutions.
Let’s take you through your purchase journey.

In the first month of the delivery process are the Client-discovery and Briefing process.

Through a series of coordination meetings, we will reduce your needs into an Execution Plan. After this process, every party involved in the delivery process of your home are aware of their respective roles.

The following three months are dedicated to Value Chain Coordination – in line with the Execution Plan.

This begins by establishing a Common Platform for exchanging information and updates.

Internally, we will coordinate with you to design your smart home – from the concept stage to the fabrication stage.

Externally, we will coordinate with the supply chain to fabricate the various components of your smart home to the specifications agreed on at the planning stage.

The following two months is the assembly of the prefabricated components in our assembly plant, followed by final assembly on-site.

This process mimics the Lean Manufacturing Process found in the automobile. The entire process is set up to minimize wastes and maximize time and resources.

Therefore, within five months of walking into our showroom, you will watch your smart home assembled on your site.

The sixth month is dedicated to the handover process.

At this stage, you will confirm that the goals you stated at the discovery phase have been realized. The various user interface to interact with your smart home will be explained to you and all necessary accounts and login details created. You will also be inducted into our Customer Care Plan – which comes with a Maintenance Contract for the constant servicing of your smart home.

Blaze Smart Home Solutions are a holistic marriage of Technology and Architecture – both as integrations into the smart homes, and within the design and delivery process.

Through a collaborative design process, we make smart homes more affordable and sustainable.

Some technology features you can expect in your smart home -depending on your budget –  include the following:

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